Being a little Disney fangirl, I obviously had to see what they did to my all time favourite. Now, if you want to see the movie, please be aware of the fact that this post contains spoilers. Even if you know the story and can sing all the songs by heart.

Generally Disney did a good job capturing the atmosphere of the cartoon version, but I think it missed a few crucial details which kind of ruined it for me.

The animations of Lumier, Clogsworth and Mrs. Potts: seriously? You couldn’t do it any better? They feel, odd. Probably because I’ve seen the cartoon animation for over half my life. But the cartoon version had more depth to the characters. From the way they portrait their emotions, they seemed horribly flat. And they were animated 3D Characters!!!

The songs were well, newer interpretations, therefore some had different rhythm and emphases on the words. Why? I seriously don’t get it. What was wrong with the old interpretation? Sorry Mrs. Potts, the old Mrs. Potts sang „A Tale as old as time“ a thousand times better than you.

They left out my favourite part when the Beast asks what he could do for Belle and Clogsworth answers „flowers, chocolate, promises you don’t intend to keep“.

They ruined the library surprise scene. Seriously how could you? The whole Belle/Beast getting it off together was based on her seeing the library for the first time. And Emma Watson ruined it. She didn’t look surprised at all. See seemed a bit like Hermonine in the Hogwarts library. And the squeal of joy could have been her getting an A.

They were so politically correct they had skin pigmentation of every shade. This is 16/17 century France ffs.

They overdid Lefou. I mean he was so gay. And how the heck did he get a bite mark vom Garston on his stomach? And do I even wanna know?!

Emma Watson. Yeah you see, I have a little problem with her. It’s not that she’s not good actress, I just think she wasn’t right for the role. You had the feeling there was constantly something missing. Like she was a little constipated or something. I mean when Beast hands her the mirror, there is no urgency in her leaving, no thank you, no I’m coming Papa. I seriously missed that. The Beast was showing more emotion at that time.

What I did find well done though was the fight. When the wardrobe dragdresses three of them and one loves it, while the other two run away in panic. Well played.

When Belle asks the Beast in the end if he could grow a beard.

The fact that they left out that stupid line of „it really is you“

And a major mistake I think was in the end, all the villagers seemed to know/be married to the people in the castle. Whut? You are telling me that the village too did not age, and no one riding through the village noticed. Or that the only ones getting older are in fact Belle and Maurice because they moved there after the curse took effect?
Nope not buying that one Disney.

Overall, the film was quite lovely. But I was missing a little Disney magic. It could have gone that extra mile and been fantastic, it kind of stopped halfway there and went „meh“.

Overall, I give this film 3,5 of 6 strawberries. No sugar sprinkles.